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New Art Up-Close Books

Gary Hume and Gavin Turk books

Pocket-sized books on living artists, published by Royal Jelly Factory.

The New Art Up-Close series offers a fresh take on traditional art books. Presenting the work of international, living artists in a highly accessible format, each book serves as an informative introduction to the featured artist's work.

Priced at £4.99, each book includes 32 full-colour pages of artworks spanning the artist's career, an exclusive interview with the artist, background notes on every illustrated work, a biography, and suggested further reading.

The books - designed by Graphic Thought Facility - feature unusual, folded-tab covers and have won acclaim as design objects in their own right.

Titles in the Series

Jake and Dinos Chapman book cover Jake & Dinos Chapman
New Art Up-Close 3, £4.99

An overview of the career of Jake and Dinos Chapman, who gained notoriety with their provocative and intelligent artworks as part of the 1990s 'Brit Art' generation and are now considered among the most important artists working today. More...
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Gavin Turk book cover Gavin Turk
New Art Up-Close 2, £4.99

An overview of the celebrated British sculptor, Gavin Turk, who rose to prominence in the early 1990s during the so-called 'young British artists' phenomenon, when his thoughtful, visually striking work quickly brought him popular acclaim. More...
Gary Hume book cover Gary Hume
New Art Up-Close 1, £4.99

An overview of the career of internationally renowned British painter, Gary Hume, who was part of a celebrated group that studied at London's Goldsmiths College in the late 1980s, and is now one of the most influential modern painters. More...

Who are the Chapman brothers? Those unfamiliar with the pair's intentionally stomach-turning aesthetic should start here. Small but perfectly formed, this series squeezes more of an artist's career into 48 pages than you'd think possible...


- Art World magazine


A cute and affordable series of art books, produced with love and care.


- The Independent


An innovative and eloquent primer on artists whose work you may wish to explore further ... ideal for artists or students seeking inspiration.


- The Guardian


A brilliantly conceived series.


- ArtNewsLetter


Certainly a series to look out for.


- Art Monthly